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IOARP Journal of Communication and Networks

Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN): Security and Authentication Methods

Munir Hussain

The demand for WBAN has increased for last few years because it is useful network to monitor and improve various health conditions of human being. Information’s exchanges among different entities are very sensitive, so it is vital to keep this information’s secure from unauthorized access in order to avoid unpleasant incidents. Security and privacy are the most critical issues. Security is the important issue for any network and especially in WBANs its proper management is very crucial otherwise biomedical data collected by sensor nodes should be mixed with other user’s data. Also patients do not want their personal data to be misused and WBAN should provide the privacy to prevent eavesdropping. Mutual authentication is also a key challenge in WBAN and patients’ data originality and integrity are important for their treatment diagnosis etc. Development of the new mutual authentication schemes in healthcare applications without considering security makes patient privacy vulnerable. In this paper, we discuss communication technologies, possible attacks and recently most used popular authentication methods in WBANs.

 WBAN, Communication Technologies, Security, Authentication, Privacy

IOARP Journal of Communication and Networks
Volume 2
Issue 4, December 2018
30 December 2018
IOARP Journal of Communication and Networks (JCN)
15 January 2019
38 - 46
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