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IOARP Journal of Communication and Networks

Evaluation of Energy Efficiency of Popular Mobile Payment Protocols

Munir Hussain, Syed Usman Jamil

Over the last few years, the popularity of both electronic and mobile commerce (M-Commerce) has increased due to advancement in the Information Technology (IT). Evaluation of E-commerce and M-commerce protocols has always remained a subject of sustained effort to find an optimal solution. Mobile devices are resource constrained in terms of memory, processing and battery power. There have been efforts in the past for evaluation of such protocols based on the issues like privacy, security and efficiency. In this paper special consideration however is given to the battery power and thus evaluates few well-known M-commerce payment protocols for their battery requirements in terms of energy cost and compares energy cost of these protocols to find the most optimal solution for mobile payment.  Initial objective of this paper finds out energy consumption for every individual entity involved in the most popular mobile payments protocols. After the earlier has been achieved, the second and the most fundamental objective of this work is to calculate the overall energy consumption and to analyze these selected protocols to find out the most energy efficient protocol. 

M-Commerce, Mobile Payment Protocols, Energy Consumption

IOARP Journal of Communication and Networks
Volume 3
Issue 2, June 2019
30 June 2019
IOARP Journal of Communication and Networks (JCN)
15 April 2019
29 - 45
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