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Examination of Main Fruit and Vegetables Market in Multan District of Pakistan

Muhammad Hamza, Manan Aslam, Bakhatawar Sharif , Sami Ullah, Arqam Iqbal, M.Ali Imran

In this paper we will examine various market practices and operations that are being performed in the fruits and vegetables markets in Multan. Improving the agricultural marketing system is the key to the development of Pakistan agrarian economy. The legal framework for agricultural marketing system in Pakistan has developed over time. The Agriculture Produce Markets Act, 1939 was promulgated on the recommendations of Royal Commission on Agriculture, constituted by the British Indian Government with the objective to regulate agribusiness and to do away the evils and vices inherent in the agricultural marketing system. Market Committees were established under the provisions of this act and assigned the task of safeguarding interests of growers. After independence, the same act was implemented in Pakistan. All agricultural marketing activities (especially the working of wholesale markets) in the province of Punjab are legally controlled under this ordinance. 244 agricultural markets along with 81 feeder markets handle food grains, fruits and vegetables in Punjab. Punjab Agricultural Marketing Company has been established by the Government of Punjab under the Public-Private initiative to energize agribusiness and marketing in Punjab. The major areas of interest of this organization include development of integrated cold storage chains, enhancing and improving processing and marketing of agricultural commodities. In Punjab for instance, agricultural marketing was managed by the Directorate of Economics and Marketing, working under the Department of Agricultural Marketing.

Agrobusiness, Agriculture Markets, Rural & Urban Retail Business, Fruit & Vegetable Wholesale

IOARP Journal of Management and Leadership
Volume 4
Issue 3, September 2019
30 September 2019
IOARP Journal of Management and Leadership (JML)
15 October 2019
69 - 81
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