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Proceedings of the IOARP International Conference on Communication and Networks

Privacy-Preserving in Collaborative Working Environments

Wajeeha Naeem, Munam Ali Shah, Ahmad Kamran Malik

A Collaborative Working Environment (CWE) requires information sharing but at the same time users’ privacy is another important requisite. In order to perform collaborative tasks efficiently, a user requires sharing of some of his information with other collaborating users. To manage the sharing and privacy issues effectively, we need to extend NIST standard Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) model. This will help users in order to allow them to specify their own rules that can be dynamically adapted at run time. There are some other models which are introduced to enhance collaborative sharing and improving privacy of users’ information such as Team-based Access Control (TMAC) Model and Extended RBAC Model which is an enhancement of core RBAC model. In this paper, these aforementioned models, which are related to sharing and privacy preservation, are discussed and after their implementation, they are compared and evaluated using privacy, sharing and rule based metrics.

Access Control, Permissions, Policy, Privacy, Security

Proceedings of the IOARP International Conference on Communication and Networks 2015
18-19 December, 2015
London, United Kingdom
Proceedings of the (IOARP ICCN 2015) IOARP International Conference on Communication & Networks
1 March 2016
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