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IOARP Journal of Communication and Networks

Collecting Statistical Parameters on Mobile Phones for Detection of Security Attacks and Mobile Malware

M Adeel, L N Tokarchuk, M A Azam, S K A Khan

Communication between mobiles using technologies like Bluetooth, MMS, SMS, Mobile and Home Broadband can increases their susceptibility to mobile security threats. In the past few years, mobile malware has emerged as one of the major threats for modern-day mobile devices. Since the first malware outbreak in 2004, hundreds of mobile viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware and over thousands of their variants have been discovered. With such a large number of ever-evolving malware, it is challenging to develop an electronic system capable of detecting such malware. In this work, the statistical data generated as a consequence of interactions on mobile devices and the mechanism of recording this data against statistical parameters on mobile devices is discussed. We also provide a detailed taxonomy of the low and high-order statistical parameters, and discuss how these parameters (besides utilisation in other scenarios) can be affectively utilised in the detection of a variety of security attacks and malware types.

Mobile and mobile P2P networks, usage footprint, simulation parameters and statistics, malware and threat detection, simulation design

IOARP Journal of Communication and Networks
Volume 2
Issue 1, March 2017
31 March 2017
IOARP Journal of Communication and Networks
15 April 2017
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