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IOARP Journal of Management and Leadership

Internal and External Analysis of a UK Retailer and Identification of Variables for Assessment

Braydon Guascoine, Surintan Binti

Before devising a strategy, it is requisite to perform the internal and external analysis of the company to better understand its market position. This paper aims to provide a detailed assessment of the UK retailer Sainsbury’s through PEST analysis, Porter’s Five Force model, SWOT analysis, 7S model and a brief financial position analysis. The research will not only help identify the current position and future opportunities for Sainsbury’s but will also help identify the variables through which other UK retailers could be assessed in future.

Internal and External Analysis, PEST, Porter’s Five Force Model, 7S Model, SWOT.

IOARP Journal of Management and Leadership
Volume 1
Issue 1, December 2016
31 December
IOARP Journal of Management and Leadershi
15 January 2017
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