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Strategic Planning: Analysis of the Past, Present, and Future Strategies of the Vodafone

Yousaf Raheel, Mohammad Amer Shahzad

This paper provides an evaluation of the past, present, and future strategic plans of Vodafone. To design any strategy for future, it is imperative to analyse the important parts of strategic plans of the company in the past. Thus in this work, we provides a detailed analysis of Vodafone’s strategic plan from the past decade. Similarly, to identify the aspects of strategic importance for Vodafone in the present times, this work provides an overview of the key components of the current strategic plan of Vodafone. Finally, based on the study of the past and present strategies, and critical variables affecting telecom industry in general and Vodafone in particular, this work proposes some critical components of any future strategic plan for Vodafone. Based on the analysis as part of this work, we also propose various improvements to the value chain of Vodafone.

Strategic Plan, SWOT Analysis, Value Chain

IOARP Journal of Management and Leadership
Volume 1
Issue 1, December 2016
31 December
IOARP Journal of Management and Leadershi
15 January 2017
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