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Analysis of the Key Components of Supply Chain of a UK Retailer in the Context of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Braydon Guascoine, Surintan Binti, Zhang Yongtan, Panagiotis Lekakos

This paper is aimed at evaluation of the supply chain of Sainsbury’s, one of the leading UK retailers in context of delivery of fruits and vegetables. We will assess supply chain of Sainsbury’s in context of key components such as inventory, facilities, transportation, and warehousing technologies. We attempt to analyse how Sainsbury’s manages their supply chain function to ensure the effective and efficient flow of fresh fruit and vegetable into operation, so as to better serve customer and reduce costs. We will explore their practices and discuss how recent improvements in their supply chain have helped Sainsbury’s become a more efficient and cost-effective.

SCM, Fruits and Vegetables Supply Chain, Components of Supply Chain

IOARP Journal of Management and Leadership
Volume 2
Issue 2, Decemeber 2017
31 December
IOARP Journal of Management and Leadershi
15 January 2018

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