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IOARP Journal of Management and Leadership

Operations Management: On Identification of Optimal Theory to Solve Queuing Problem in Fashion Retail Stores

Ajay Sangha, Dilmaya Khadka, Karim Tasneem

This paper provides an insight into the operations management of Primark in the context of queuing problem at the tills. We analyse this problem in light of various queuing theories to determine the most optimal theory. We provide a wide range of recommendations to handle this problem at Primark. This case study and the recommendations will not only help the company in question, but could be used by the retailers in other sectors to improve their operations, consequently achieving efficiency and higher degrees of customer satisfaction.

Queuing Theories, Total Quality Management, Operations Research, Operation Efficiency, Operations Management Problem

IOARP Journal of Management and Leadership
Volume 3
Issue 2, Decemeber 2018
31 December
IOARP Journal of Management and Leadershi
15 January 2019
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