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IOARP Journal of Management and Leadership

Efficient Market Hypothesis: An Evaluation of the Efficiency of Indian Capital Markets

Bernd Sanger, Emine Beyza Arikan, Mehul Mehta, Asma Hosseini

Market efficiency refers to the accuracy and quickness with which prices reflect market related information. Decisions of investment by an investor in a market is influenced by many factors, one of the most important is the market efficiency. Research reveals that if a market is efficient, it is extremely difficult to make excessive returns. In an efficient market there exist next to none undervalued securities. With the first stock exchange started functioning in 1875 Indian stock markets have been lucrative for the traders from around the world. This paper attempts to analyse the efficiency of the Indian capital markets. Research from the literature and the interviews of the renowned investors have been used to reach a conclusion. Some tips in context of investment strategy have also been provided.

Efficient Market Hypothesis, Indian Stock Markets, Efficiency Test, Investment Strategy

IOARP Journal of Management and Leadership
Volume 3
Issue 2, Decemeber 2018
31 December
IOARP Journal of Management and Leadershi
15 January 2019
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