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Proceedings of the SchoRes International Conference on Education

Classroom Disruptions: Causes, Effects, and Strategies for Tackling Disruptive Behaviour

Azhar Khan

Classroom settings and disruptive behaviour are critical topics in society today because of the growing concerns of bullying related suicides, enhancement of electronic and social media use, and mental health and cultural issues. While disruptive behaviour may seem insignificant for some, many times there are serious underlying issues that need to be addressed. In this paper we will discuss different types of disruptive behaviours in the classroom setting and explore key reasons behind such behaviours.

Classroom Management, Classroom Discipline, Classroom Decorum, Classroom Disruptions, Disruptive Behaviour

Proceedings of the SchoRes International Conference on Education
20-22 February 2023
Peshawar, Pakistan
Global Digital Library
30 June 2023
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