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Proceedings of the SchoRes International Conference on Education

Strategies of Teachers for Dealing with Student Misbehavior in Classroom

Sana Rahat, Amjad Reba

This research aims to analyze different strategies of teachers for dealing with the misbehavior of students in a classroom. The objectives of the study were to determine the most common disruptive misbehavior of students and to explore different strategies used by teachers for dealing with problematic students. The nature of the study is quantitative. Four schools were conveniently selected from Cantt, Saddar Peshawar area. The respondents will be 9th and 10th-class teachers. For data collection, a self-structured close-ended questionnaire was prepared based on a five-point Likert scale. The researcher visited the schools personally and collected the data. The researcher analyzed the data by putting the data into SPSS version 21 and organized in the form of frequencies and percentages. The researcher used chi-square for the testing of hypotheses. 
The study concluded that student misbehaviors affect the smoothness and effectiveness of teaching in the classroom and different strategies adopted by teachers for controlling the disruptive behavior of students in the classroom plays important role in improving student behavior and motivating them toward learning. Recommended measures for dealing with student misbehavior include arranging sessions and seminars for students to understand the roots of the problem. Interacting with the parents to understand if the student might be dealing with a stressful situation at home.


Classroom misbehavior, teacher strategies, classroom management, educational interventions.

Proceedings of the SchoRes International Conference on Education
20-22 February 2023
Peshawar, Pakistan
Global Digital Library
30 June 2023
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