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Proceedings of the SchoRes International Conference on Education

Impact of Heavy School Bags on Student’s Physical Health and Learning Outcomes in Primary Schools of District Peshawar, KP

Sara Amin

Kids are almost left with no options than to carry heavy school bags to school these days for a number of reasons. It has been observed by pediatricians that such a thing automatically leads to strained backs and necks in growing children, and also impacts the learning outcomes of the students. It is not any more uncommon to find students, especially in middle schools carrying huge bags weighing up to 30 pounds on their backs on a regular basis. Each year millions of students carry heavy bags with their shoulders drawn down with the weight. It is not surprising then that children complain of back pain, neck sprains etc.
Previously there are different studies in some developed countries regarding the impacts of Heavy Bags on Child`s health and learning outcome. In Pakistan, there is very little consideration awarded to analysis of student`s physical health and learning outcomes in context of the heavy bags they carry. Hence the role of Heavy bags presents an important area for analysis of the impacts of heavy bags in primary students in Pakistan. 
The study used a self-administered questionnaire among teachers of sampled students from Public Schools in Peshawar KPK. The data collected was analyzed using statistical tools. The results suggested that that the respondents agreed that students in their class have heavy bags, their students complain of back pain due to heavy bags and often suffer muscle pain. Students have short attention span, often have damaged spinal cord, suffer with back pain and hence leads to absence of students from school.  The results also signify that heavy bags results in low concentration, fatigue, learning and effect activities of the students.


Heavy Bags, Physical Health, Learning Outcome

Proceedings of the SchoRes International Conference on Education
20-22 February 2023
Peshawar, Pakistan
Global Digital Library
30 June 2023
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