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Proceedings of the SchoRes International Conference on Education

Establish the Enrollment Trend of the 4th Grade in District Muzaffarabad

Nafeesa Mir Zaman, Amjad Reba2

This study aimed to describe the enrollment trend to 4th grade students of selected public schools of city Muzaffarabad. For this purpose, researcher had selected 6 public schools through simple random sampling. A questionnaire containing different sections entitled as enrollment trends, school attendance on daily basis and education was designed to collect the data from different schools. This study revealed many important aspects that are necessary to be addressed in the public schools of district Muzaffarabad. The present study also yielded different ways for further research. This study also examined that there is low enrollment of the students at the 4th grade in the public schools of the district Muzaffarabad. It is recommended that the stakeholders should provide all the necessities to government schools that are essential for the formal and modern education. There should be a focus on the improvement of the public schools and parents should be engaged in the educational setup so that they can identify their children interests and abilities to perform better in their academic life. Because of the benefits students’ enrollment and attendance rates are high then the public school.

School emphasis, School Enrollment, Instructional time, Academic Success.


Proceedings of the SchoRes International Conference on Education
20-22 February 2023
Peshawar, Pakistan
Global Digital Library
30 June 2023
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