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IOARP Journal of Cultural and Social History

An Insight into the Cultural History of Europe

Euanthe Olympias Zagkos, Aikaterini Balapanidou, Mohammad Kamal Bin Basri

Europe is a diverse region with heterogeneity in culture. In this paper we will discuss different aspects of culture including religion and beliefs, art and architecture, linguistics and music in different eras of Europe. A comprehensive picture will emerge from this work about Europe from the earliest human in the continent to modernized Europe.

Pre-History, Bronze Age, Classical Antiquity, Greek and Roman Era, Middle Ages, Early Modern Europe, Modern Europe

IOARP Journal of Cultural and Social History
Volume 1
Issue 1, December 2018
30 December 2018
IOARP Journal of Cultural and Social History (JSCH)
15 January 2018
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