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Proceedings of the IOARP International Conference on Communication and Networks

Development of Postpaid and Prepaid Billing System for ISPs

Azhar-ud-din, Ali Javed, Ayesha Hanif, M. Awais Azam, Tasawer Hussain

ISPs generally provide two types of connections to their customers, varying primarily in payment options: postpaid and prepaid connections. In recent years, with the rapid development of broadband industry in third-world countries like Pakistan, it has become possible to meet the ever growing demands of internet users. Prepaid connections offered by ISPs continue to satisfy customer demands as the packages are skillfully tailored to meet growing demands of rapid connectivity without hassle of equipment installment time, serve customer’s mobility needs of accessing internet at more than one location, offer flexible rate packages for day and night timings and meet limited duration connectivity needs of tourists etc. Postpaid ISP billing solutions available in market are expensive and yet they fail to fulfill all of users’ requirements; specifically the mobility need. Now ISPs are keen in developing their own billing systems instead of buying non-customized applications from vendors. Most ISPs use AAA protocol for Authentication, Authorization and Accounting of their customers. For this feature, FreeRADIUS is the most widely deployed RADIUS server in the world, not only because it is an open source implementation of AAA but also because of its multitude of strengths. In this paper we explore these strengths and then propose a methodology of developing an ISP’s own pre-paid billing system using freeRADIUS. 

AAA, FreeRadius, ISP, MVC, Mysql PHP

Proceedings of the IOARP International Conference on Communication and Networks
18-19 December, 2015
London, United Kingdom
Proceedings of the IOARP International Conference on Communication & Networks (IOARP ICCN 2015)
1 March 2016
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